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Take a look at how we've helped clients get the most out of IT.

Client information and names have been changed for their privacy.

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Freight Services/Courier Company – Colnbrook

In early 2017 Inetex were approached by a long standing client, a freight forwarding and courier services provider, to assist them with expanding into new and significantly larger warehouse. The site was next door to their current location, main operations were to be moved to the new warehouse while the current premises would be used as a satellite office. We were presented with several challenges before the move:


  • The client needed a link between the new premises and the old.

  • Downtime to be kept a minimum, with the client working regularly at weekends.

  • The new site did not have adequate structured cabling to support the business.

  • Two smaller businesses required rack space and office space in the premises.

  • Due to the expansion, additional hardware was required.


In order to link the two offices and resolve the issues with inadequate cabling, Inetex worked with an infrastructure specialist and long term partner. Under our management, a high-speed link was setup between the two premises, enabling the client to have one secure network in two locations. The remaining infrastructure cabling was tested, replaced where required, and further network points were installed. The team also installed additional wireless access points at height in various parts of the office, in order to ensure maximum coverage throughout.


In order to accommodate the smaller businesses, a new comms rack was required. The Inetex team provided a new rack, installed and sectioned off parts in order to ensure there was enough space for each business and their respective hardware. This stage had to be carefully managed and continues to be, to ensure there is no cross over or clashing of the two networks.


In order to minimise downtime, Inetex created a plan with the client to move the on-premise servers to the new site on the weekend. Due to the nature of their business, the client often works on a weekend, so it was important the servers were moved and brought back online as quickly as possible. The team made additional preparations to make this possible, and the servers were shutdown, moved and brought back online in less than an hour. The lack of downtime minimised the impact of moving premises on the business.


The move was a great success, due to the careful planning, management and execution by the Inetex team.

Building Management Services Company – Egham 

Building Plans

The client, a well-established name within the building management industry, were moving offices as they had outgrown their current site. Inetex were tasked surveying potential new office sites from an IT perspective. The project also included: planning, managing, executing the move and finally decommissioning old hardware from the previous site. The key objective was to ensure that the move went as smoothly as possible, with minimal disruption to the business operations.


The initial challenge faced with the project were the prospective sites chosen by the client. Not all sites had the facilities to house their IT equipment, nor the infrastructure for their networked devices. The client had the final say on the site chosen, however Inetex were able to give valuable input on each site and inform the client of what to expect in terms of additional work, in order to make the site suitable for their staff and IT hardware.


The client’s main business operations were conducted from Monday to Friday, so to ensure business operations remained unaffected. Together with the client, a plan was created to move the IT hardware over the course of a weekend. Severs, comms racks, access points and some 30+ staff desks had to be shutdown, packed and assembled again. The site chosen by the client had existing comms infrastructure which could be re-used, upon testing it was clear that some of this had been damaged or was completely unusable. A significant amount of hardware had also been left behind by the previous occupants, all of which needed to be disposed of.


With the new office unoccupied, the team used this opportunity to prepare for the move, getting the necessary framework in place for the weekend move. Working together with partners, the site was brought up to the standard required for the client’s IT needs. Additional data points were added, new comms lines were installed, existing data points and cabling was either repaired or replaced. All hardware left behind by the previous occupants was either recycled or destroyed by a ADISA certified partner. This also proved to be a good opportunity to install newer and better comms equipment for the client, without any downtime.


The move began on the Friday and was completed ahead of schedule on the Sunday morning, with no IT issues raised from staff on the following Monday. The final task in the project was to dispose decommission and dispose of any old or unused hardware in the office. Using ADISA certified partners to assist with disposal of potentially sensitive assets, ensuring client data was not compromised.


Thanks largely to the hard work, planning, expertise from the Inetex team, and the utilisation of trusted partners in the industry, the project was a great success.